Welcome Matt Huntington, PE + Civil Engineering Services

Studio A is excited to welcome Matt Huntington, PE to our team and the addition of Civil Engineering Services. We are looking forward to being able to offer a collaborative approach to developing ecologically-rich designs reflecting a balance of aesthetics and performance. To learn more, follow the link below!

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"10 Minutes with Kirsten Catellier" Article - Albany Business Review

For generations, leadership in the Landscape Architecture profession has been the exclusive domain of white men, with only a few, hard-fought exceptions. However, more and more women are now stepping forward to change this dynamic, creating a new class of leadership in prominent design firms and staking new ground as innovators in the field. The lead story in month’s LAM explored this progress and highlighted the achievements of notable female landscape architects:

Article: “The Bigger Time”, LAM, April 2019

Studio A is proud to be a woman-owned firm and to be part of this cultural revolution. Co-founder and President Kirsten Catellier established our studio based on a culture of inclusion and collaboration, innovation and inquiry, passion and creativity. The Studio A team applies these values to all aspects of our work, and we believe it makes for richer, deeper and better overall designs. We look forward to pushing and breaking new barriers as our practice grows.

Thank you Albany Business Review for recently featuring “10 Minutes with Kirsten Catellier” in their latest issue. To read the full article, click the button below.

Future City Competition

Christianna Bennett + Kirsten Catellier spent Saturday, January 12th judging at the Future City Competition - a project based program where students in grades 6-8th imagine, research, design + build cities of the future! 🏡 The competition was filled with TONS of creative+ inspiring ideas! .


Studio A Fall 2018 Newsletter

Happy Fall! Check out the Fall 2018 Issue of Studio A’s Quarterly Newsletter, featuring updates on new projects, our team, and more!


{Meet the team Monday} Aaron Roberts

Meet Aaron Roberts! Have a question about plants? Want to design your dream backyard? Aaron is full of knowledge and design ideas! From choosing rain garden specific plants to shady plants or making sure the fire pit is in the perfect location, he can help!

Favorite recipe to cook:

“Stir Fry”

Favorite vacation spot:


If we went to happy hour, what would you drink?


On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

“Working on my house”

Name three words that describe you professionally…

“Creative, inquisitive, motivated”

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{Meet the team Monday} Christianna Bennett!

Meet Christianna Bennett (or CB as we call her!) If she's not in our Studio being HIGHLY creative, you can find her at RPI where she is an adjunct professor in the Architecture program! No matter the time or day in our Studio, she's always got a smile on and loves brainstorming ideas!

Favorite vacation spot:

“Quebec City from a recent excursion! My boyfriend and I went in the dead of winter (which probably wasn’t the smartest idea) and it was the most magical place! Each year Quebec City hosts a winter carnival, “the Carnaval de Quebec,” during the month of February. It is absolute-zero, bone-chillingly freezing, but everyone there is super happy and friendly. There were crowds of people and families walking the beautiful historic promenade along the Terrasse Dufferin and all throughout the historic downtown. The old town in Quebec City was settled in the 16th century, and is one of the oldest European settlements in North America. The architecture is tiny and all made of stone. Also, the city is at a smaller scale than even some of the older cities throughout the Hudson Valley. Their public squares are enveloped with beautiful, light-blue stone structures, and are themselves quaint and festive. I very much recommend making the trip!!”

Cats or dogs?

“Horses! And dogs…and cats…and…all the animals!!”

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

“For me, its the people I work with. I truly feel the team one surrounds themselves with can make or break good habits, bad habits, productivity, inspiration…et cetera. Especially in a creative field such as landscape architecture, where the need to support one another is fundamental, and where constantly being of assistance one another in producing new and promising ideas for the real world is truly paramount.”

What are you most passionate about professionally?

“I am very interested in the social and ethical responsibilities of landscape design. How the spaces we make are accessible and enjoyable by all (including our non-human companions - plants + animals). I’m really inspired by public parks, beaches, and waterways, for example, where various groups can come and go, and all have an opportunity to experience the same place, even if its at different times of the year, or for different reasons.”

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Mohawk Gateway Streetscape Project

Studio A team members were in Waterford, NY last night for the Mohawk Gateway Streetscape Project workshop. Design elements were presented for transforming Waterford's Downtown along Saratoga Avenue, based on feedback and ideas from the local community at a previous presentation over the summer.

Seagle Music Colony

"On the Boards" with our friends at SD Atelier Architecture L.L.C.: Seagle Music Colony Master Plan! Located in Schroon Lake, NY, Seagle Music Colony is the oldest summer vocal program in the U.S.. Proposed improvements include a dining hall, Opera House + Performance Theater, dorms, + site amenities.

Living Wall!

A whole different meaning to "living wall" - Check out this AMAZING rock/living wall literally right out the back door! Studio A completed the site design for this residence in Bolton Landing, NY. 

Studio A Summer 2018 Newsletter!

The Studio A Summer 2018 Newsletter has been released!

Click on the link below to check out the inaugural quarterly edition of our Studio A Newsletter!


Team day on Lake George, NY

Our team enjoyed a beautiful day together on Lake George today - celebrating lots of hard work recently & the summer solstice!!