"10 Minutes with Kirsten Catellier" Article - Albany Business Review

For generations, leadership in the Landscape Architecture profession has been the exclusive domain of white men, with only a few, hard-fought exceptions. However, more and more women are now stepping forward to change this dynamic, creating a new class of leadership in prominent design firms and staking new ground as innovators in the field. The lead story in month’s LAM explored this progress and highlighted the achievements of notable female landscape architects:

Article: “The Bigger Time”, LAM, April 2019

Studio A is proud to be a woman-owned firm and to be part of this cultural revolution. Co-founder and President Kirsten Catellier established our studio based on a culture of inclusion and collaboration, innovation and inquiry, passion and creativity. The Studio A team applies these values to all aspects of our work, and we believe it makes for richer, deeper and better overall designs. We look forward to pushing and breaking new barriers as our practice grows.

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