Alcea Rosea - Hollyhock

Ending the last week of National Perennial Month with Alcea Rosea - Hollyhock. This time tested garden favorite may be considered a short lived perennial but can last for many years if cut down to the base after flowers fade. Growing 5'-9", Hollyhock makes an excellent screening plant. This beauty is very easy to grow in full sun with blooms starting mid-summer and going through early fall. Planting Hollyhock can be done in the spring or fall in almost any soil making this a very tolerant perennial. You can't go wrong with this tall beauty in your garden. Best if propagated by seed, plant seedlings two years in a row so you'll have lots of plants every year. 

Hemerocallis Stella D'Oro - Daylily

Week 4 - Continuing National Perennial Month with Stella D'Oro Daylily, the #1 Daylily in the country. This beautiful yellow flowered perennial is all the rage for gardeners everywhere. Stella D'oro blooms once during late spring and then again in late August and into fall. It attracts butterflies as well as other necessary and vital pollinators. This perennial is very easy to grow and great for containers and other small spaces at only 16" tall and 18" wide at maturity. Stella D'Oro is resilient, ranging in zones from 2 to 9 and handling full sun to part shade. You can't go wrong planting this shining star in your garden!