Curious about Studio A Landscape Architecture, D.P.C.? Check out this great video with some insight as to who we are & what we do, thanks to Saratoga Chamber of Commerce!!

Visual Simulations

Curious what your final project might look like? Or need to prove no/minimal visual impact of a proposed project? One of our specialties at Studio A is visual simulations! We have extensive experience producing these materials, such as perspectives, renderings and visual simulations for private & public clients.

Adirondack Life Magazine

Studio A takes a collaborative approach to contextual design by creating land plans that are functional, permittable, and attractive which respond to our clients' needs all while respecting the natural and built character of a site and surrounding land.

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'Rocktop' on Lake George, NY

{"Working within a historic and sensitive landscape, the goal is always to make it seem as though the house has always been there." Andy Allison} At Studio A, a top priority is to provide quality innovative design solutions which are environmentally feasible. 'Rocktop' is moving forward along "Millionaire's Row" on Lake George + Studio A is completing the Landscape Architecture and permitting. Architecture by AJA Architecture. 

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Visual Resource Assessment Reports

With our proximity to the Adirondack Park, preserving the beauty within the “blue line” is extremely important. Visual resource assessment reports gauge the potential visibility of expansion from various surrounding public vantage points. Check out this series of simulations we completed for a proposed expansion of a campground in the Adirondacks! 

National Water Quality Month - Stormwater Pollution Statisitics

August is National Water Quality Month! We are kicking this month off with some startling Stormwater Pollution statistics. Follow us for the next month as we share information about this extremely important topic!! 

Alcea Rosea - Hollyhock

Ending the last week of National Perennial Month with Alcea Rosea - Hollyhock. This time tested garden favorite may be considered a short lived perennial but can last for many years if cut down to the base after flowers fade. Growing 5'-9", Hollyhock makes an excellent screening plant. This beauty is very easy to grow in full sun with blooms starting mid-summer and going through early fall. Planting Hollyhock can be done in the spring or fall in almost any soil making this a very tolerant perennial. You can't go wrong with this tall beauty in your garden. Best if propagated by seed, plant seedlings two years in a row so you'll have lots of plants every year.